Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu NIBE Uplink API enables your app, service or product to utilize the power of NIBE Uplink. This website provides you with the documentation you need to get started coding and integrating with the NIBE Uplink API Mit NIBE Uplink erhalten Sie via Internet volle Kontrolle über Ihr Wärmepumpensystem - von fast jedem Ort auf der Welt, vom Büro oder einfach nur von zuhause aus - auf Wunsch sogar mit einem direkten Zugriff auf die Anlage. Für den Fall einer Fehlfunktion des Systems kann ein Alarm per E-Mail verschickt werden

Koppelen met een API? - Op maat gemaakte API koppelin

  1. NIBE Uplink gives you a quick overview and the present status of your system. You get a good overall view and good information for monitoring and controlling your heating and hot water. If your system is affected by a malfunction, you receive an alert via e-mail that allows you to react quickly
  2. Step 4 - Call the NIBE Uplink API Use your favourite text editor to create a file called nibe_uplink_api.pl containing the following text: #!/usr/bin/perl... Change the file permissions so the script is 'executable' by the owning user: $ chmod u+x nibe_uplink_api.pl Run the script: $.
  3. I have just gotten a NIBE heat pump with a connection to the NIBE Uplink web service, which has an API. I also have an existing Siemens climate system with sensors and radiator motors in each room from which my Rpi3 gets info via a connected KNX-RF antenna
  4. Nibe Uplink Communciation Module Module. The module is an asyncio driven interface to nibe uplink public API. It is throttled to one http request every 4 seconds so try to make the most of your requests by batching requests
  5. Der LBS nutzt im Gegensatz zu den bisherigen Ansätzen die API von Nibe anstatt die Internetseite zu parsen. Das ist robuster, da der LBS nicht von Änderungen an der Webseite abhängt. Außerdem können mehr Informationen ausgelesen werden. Wem die Einrichtung zu komplex ist, dem sei der LBS 19000210 - Nibe Uplink empfohlen
  6. Go to the Integrations page located in Home Assistants Configuration dashboard. Click the Nibe Uplink configure button and enter data gathered when you registered on nibe uplink homepage
  7. NIBE Uplink™. Account Information

NIBE Uplink™ API

  1. Instead data is retrieved from Nibe Uplink. This binding should in general be compatible with heat pump models that support Nibe Uplink. In general read access is supported for all channels. Write access is only supported for a small subset of channels. Write access will only be available with a paid subscription for manage at NibeUplink. # Supported Things. This binding provides only one.
  2. Hier mein neuer LBS für Nutzer von Nibe Wärmepumpen. Der LBS nutzt im Gegensatz zu den bisherigen Ansätzen die API von Nibe anstatt die Internetseite zu parsen
  3. @pacive, thanks again for the excellent Nibe uplink API binding! I've used it only a couple of hours with F750, but would have some suggestions for improvement: Here, the actual air velocity is incorrect, should be divided by 10. Also, for the temperature values, is it possible to add a unit (e.g. °C)? About rounding, it would be nice if values had one decimal or at least if it would be configurable. Lastly, there's something wrong with current (amperage) values: nibeuplinkrest:nibef750.
  4. Hallo Nibe Team - Erst einmal ein herzliches tack so mycket an DerSeppel für für die tollen Nibe LBS! Ich habe die zwei LBS auch Dank deiner guten Anleitung am Start. Jedoch fliege ich leider blind da ich ums Verrecken meiner Nibe F1245 nicht die ID Liste abjagen kann

NIBE Uplink API component - Feature Requests - Home NIBE Uplink - HEEP GmbH. GitHub - elupus/nibeuplink: Nibe Uplink asyncronous python Nibe REST API - #6 by tunnus - Bindings - openHAB Community. myUplink by myUpTech AB. NIBE Uplink™ NIBE & Niko Home Control - Gebruikershandleiding NHC II English consumer information leaflets. Nibe Uplink VD - Scenes and Interface - Smart Home. The module is an asyncio driven interface to nibe uplink public API. It is throttled to one http request every 4 seconds so try to make the most of your requests by batching requests Ihr werdet dabei aufgefordert die Bridge mit der API zu verbinden (auf here klicken). Dabei werdet ihr auf die Nibe Uplink API weiter geleitet, die euch dann um Erlaubnis bittet, dass euer Gateway auf die API zugreifen darf. Der Gateway bekommt dann schließlich einen Token zurück, mit dem er nun auf die Uplink API zugreifen darf api nibe-uplink Updated Apr 7, 2019; Python; vinklat / nibe-mqtt Star 5 Code Issues Pull requests Heat pump metrics from Nibe Uplink to MQTT . mqtt mqtt-bridge nibe-uplink nibe Updated Jan 17, 2020; Python; wooni005 / nibe_mqtt Star 2 Code Issues Pull requests Communication service between the Nibe uplink and MQTT. mqtt nibe-uplink Updated Jan 25, 2021; Python; wooni005 / nibeuplink Star 1.

Contact Details. Account type. Personal Corporate. Name. Address Line 1. Address Line 2. Postal Code. City. Region System NIBE Uplink umożliwia sterowanie systemem centralnego ogrzewania oraz ciepłej wody użytkowej dla uzyskania maksymalnego komfortu użytkowania. Użytkownik może zmieniać ustawienia temperatury, przełączać tryb ogrzewania ciepłej wody użytkowej, ustawiać datę rozpoczęcia trybu wakacyjnego lub dokonywać bardziej zaawansowanych ustawień, takich jak np. zmiana krzywej grzania. Ponadto w wersji zmiany ustawień, dostępne są również funkcje występujące w wersji. Once you know the list of numeric Parameter IDs you want to retrieve (up to a limit of 15) you can do that via one API call with the Public API using GET https://api.nibeuplink.com/api/v1/systems/{systemId}/parameters (at least according to the API manual - I haven't actually tried that yet) I'm working on updating the nibe uplink binding to be able to use the official Nibe Uplink REST API. So far I have managed to get authentication working and some other calls to the api that can be used for thing discovery (and also implemented a discovery service, so things are addedd to the inbox once the bridge is set up). I have quite a bit of more work to do to implement more.

NIBE Uplink™ API - GitHu

Since it's a private API, Nibe could change it at any moment without notice, which would break the binding. The public API promises to always be backwards compatible, and developers are notified in advance of any changes. Sure, but as the public API is still in development it could also change. The private API is now stable for about 3 years so I would say it is quite stable. Openhab itself. Cookie Notice. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners

NIBE Uplink Die App für Wärmepumpen der F-Serie - NIBE

  1. Hi guys, Good news for the happy customers of Nibe! I am sharing the code for the Nibe Uplink scene. This scene can get the telemetry from your Nibe Uplink cloud. You would be able to see any parameter available through the Nibe uplink and use this data for your other systems. For example, I am u..
  2. Med ett öppet API kan du koppla ihop din värmepump med en specifik funktion, tjänst eller andra uppkopplade produkter i ditt hem. Koppla ihop ditt hem med IFTTT. IFTTT står för If-This-Then-That och det är en teknik som gör att du enkelt kan koppla ihop dina smarta produkter med varandra genom så kallade applets. Ett exempel kan vara att när din väckarklocka ringer (trigger) så går.
  3. There is a software called Nibe Modbus Manager from Nibe which allows you to configure the modbus registers to be sent by the heatpump. In there, if you select your model and then export all variables to a file, you get a pretty good idea of the theoretically possible variables. Their numbers and identifiers match the code of the uplink page (some IDs are found in the HTML code)
  4. NIBE Uplink
  5. NIBE Heat Pump Monitoring via NIBE Uplink API Marsh

Connect to the NIBE Uplink API (or any Oauth2 API

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NIBE Uplink - NIBE

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NIBE Heat Pump Monitoring via NIBE Uplink API | Marsh
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