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Difference between My Passport and My Passport Ultra? - WD

It's fairly safe to say that WD My Passport is a more popular external hard drive, based on its 10,000+ reviews. In our popularity score WD My Passport ranks #8 out of 145 and WD My Passport Ultra ranks #29 out of 145. Go to popularity rankin My Passport 4TB WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN The specs on the WD information pages look the same. I would expect Ultra to be better in some way - this model costs $10 more than the other. I found a PC Magazine review from last year of the 2TB models, and they said the non-Ultra version had better performance, yet costs less

Unterschied: My Book, My Passport (Ultra) und WD Elements

  1. WD My Passport and WD My Passport Ultra: My Passport Ultra comes with a metal cover innovative style and comparatively slim & small, which is easy to handle and keep in handy as compare to My Passport
  2. Western Digital My Passport Ultra Die Western Digital My Passport Ultra Serie ist dem Grunde nach eine Erweiterung der Elements Portable. Ultra steht hierbei jedoch nicht für höhere Übertragungsraten, sondern für eine Erweiterung der Garantie, einer Farbauswahl und einer größeren Beigabe beim Zubehör
  3. My Passport - Portable External Hard Drive | Western Digital (WD) 2. My Passport Ultra | Western Digital (WD) 1 oder 2? Was ist besser? Langlebiger? Zuverlässiger? Wie sind eure Erfahrungen? Da ich manuell sichere, interessiert mich weder die mitgelieferte Software, Cloudsicherung, etc. Bei beiden habe ich 3 Jahre Garantie
  4. Im planning to buy a WD HDD but not able to decide between MyPassport and MyPassport Ultra (both 1 tb).Can anyone tell me which would be.
  5. Jetzt kaufen: WD My Passport Ultra (2 TB) für 64,90 Euro statt 99,99 Euro* Die WD My Passport Ultra bietet eine Kapazität von 2 Terabyte und damit viel Platz für wichtige Dateien
  6. Mit der im Lieferumfang enthaltenen WD Discovery™ Software2 sichern Sie Fotos, Videos und Dokumente kinderleicht auf der My Passport Ultra. WD Discovery ermöglicht den Import Ihrer Inhalte aus gängigen sozialen Netzwerken und Cloudspeichern wie Facebook, Dropbox und Google Drive™ und schützt so Ihre Online-Existenz.3 Die WD Discovery Software kann auch zur Verwaltung von Festplatteneinstellungen sowie Neuformatierung, LED-Steuerung und vielem mehr verwendet werden
  7. Die WD My Passport Ultra ist eine weitere 2,5 Zoll externe Festplatte aus dem Hause Western Digital. Sie ist in vielen verschiedenen Farben erhältlich und hat dabei ein etwas eigenwilliges Design. Auf diese Punkte wird im Test unter anderem eingegangen. Unser Testgerät ist in schwarz gehalten und mit einer Speicherkapazität von 500 GB ausgestattet (1 TB und 2 TB sind ebenfalls erhältlich.

My Passport X vs My Passport Ultra. WD External Drives. WD Portable Drives. Sabrewulf2. October 15, 2015, 1:23am #1. I went to Best Buy to purchase a My Passport X drive and they were out of stock, instead they sold me a My Passport Ultra 2TB as I was informed it was exactly the same thing and just that I needed to format it to work. The biggest difference between the WD Elements and My Passport drives is the ability to create volumes that are protected by a password. The Western Digital Elements drive will not let you do this and the Western Digital My Passport will WD says in general that the My Passport Ultra and My Passport Ultra Metal both have password protection and hardware encryption (http://www.wdc.com/en/products/external/portable/) Equipped with USB-C™ technology, the My Passport™ Ultra portable drive offers an easy way to expand your storage with a modern metal design that complements your PC. It's Windows® 10-ready out of the box to seamlessly deliver plug-and-play storage, while password protection with hardware encryption helps enforce the security of your content. And with up to 5TB1 of storage and a 3-year limited warranty, you get storage to rely on for years to come The Elements SE, My Passport and My Passport Ultra series all employ the same 2.5in hard disks, USB 3 interfaces (backwards-compatible with USB 2 devices), and are available in the same capacities from 1 to 4TB at the time of writing; the only difference between them is their external finish and bundled software

Compared to MY Passport, My Passport Ultra comes in a thinner, smaller, and a more comfortable to handle size. It also has a more durable and aesthetically-pleasing metal cover in an innovative style There you have it- these are the basic information that you need to know about the WD My Passport vs. elements. One thing is for sure about them both; they are making tremendous strides in the tech industry. Moreover, they are convenient and are going a long way in assisting people in storing their information safely. The WD My Passport comes at a higher price than the WD Elements. However. Even though these products are extremely similar, it seems that the Easystore product was designed to be sold through resellers, while My Passport product is sold through resellers and direct from WD. Clearly, these products are very similar, but the My Passport product line has a slight advantage due to encryption features

WD Elements vs My Passport: Which Western Digital is Better?

Unpack the WD My Passport Ultra and connect it to the Windows 10 computer with the USB cable provided. Open the file explorer/manager and check whether the WD drive is listed. A Found New Hardware notification appears. Click the Cancel button. Double-click the WD My Passport Ultra drive and then double-click the WD Apps Setup icon The WD My Passport Ultra, announced today, is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with capacities from 500GB up to 2TB that features local and cloud backups. The My Passport Ultra includes software for automatic backups to the host system or to the My Passport Ultra as well as the ability to use Dropbox to backup to the cloud. The Ultra, WD's latest My Passport iteration, also enables users to. USB-C™ teknolojisiyle donatılan My Passport™ Ultra taşınabilir disk, bilgisayarınızı tamamlayan modern bir metal tasarımla depolama alanınızı genişletmek için kolay bir yol sunar. Donanım şifrelemeli parola koruması içeriğinizin güvenliğini arttırmaya yardımcı olurken, sorunsuz bir tak ve çalıştır depolama sağlamak için kutudan çıktığında Windows® 10 ile kullanıma hazırdır. Ayrıca, 5TB1'a kadar depolama alanı ve 3 yıl sınırlı garanti ile. Optisch ist die WD My Passport Ultra sehr schlicht gehalten, wenn man von der blauen Farbgebung unseres Testmusters einmal absieht. Das Gehäuse ist auf der Oberseite aus eloxiertem Aluminium gefertigt, die Unterseite besteht aus einem matt-schwarzen Kunststoff. Alle Ecken des hochwertig anmutenden Laufwerks sind abgerundet. Eine Riffelung auf der Front der externen Festplatte setzt einen.

WD SmartWare Pro lets you choose. Back up your files to your My Passport Ultra drive or back up your files to the cloud using your Dropbox™ account. 3. Works great with Windows® 8 The WD Windows 8 app makes it easy to discover the digital media stored on your My Passport Ultra drive with your Windows 8 computer. Your content is automatically displayed and organized so you can easily locate and enjoy your photos, videos and music My Passport vs. My Passport Ultra. WD also sells the My Passport Ultra drive. What's the difference? A WD spokesperson said: The My Passport drives are the best choice for most everyday consumers. The 5TB My Passport drive is actually the slimmest of its capacity in the WD lineup. For those looking for a more premium portable hard drive, the My Passport Ultra features a modern metal. Our Verdict. The WD My Passport Ultra 4TB (2019) is a good storage device, but if a long warranty and a Type-C connector are low on your priority list, then there are drives that offer better. WD Elements vs My Passport Ultra - WD External Drives / WD Portable Drives - WD Community. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please update the firmware on your My Passport Wireless to the latest version (1.07.02 and higher) in order to extend the battery life of the product. For more information, please see our Knowledge Base Article 13162 Equipped with USB-C™ technology, the My Passport™ Ultra portable drive offers an easy way to expand your storage with a modern metal design that complements your PC. It's Windows® 10-ready out of the box to seamlessly deliver plug-and-play storage, while password protection with hardware encryption helps enforce the security of your content

WD My Passport vs WD My Passport Ultra: Review & Full

  1. The My Passport products ship with six solid colors and most models cost a little less than the two-tone My Passport Ultra models. The My Passport Ultra starts out at just $56.99 for the 1TB model
  2. WD my passport Ultra 1tb unboxing and setup. Compare WD my passport and my passport ultra portable storage / portable harddriveMUSIC used: youtube copyright.
  3. Difference between passport and passport ultra - WD
  4. Which external HD should I buy, WD My Passport Ultra VS

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WD Easystore vs My Passport Compared [2020]: Which is The

Western Digital Elements vs Passport vs Passport UltraWD My Passport Ultra 2 TB, Schwarz bei notebooksbilligerManual for wd my passport ultraReview: WD My Passport Ultra 1TB and 2TB External Hard DrivesDeep Bheep: WD Elements VS My Passport Ultra [REVIEWWD My Passport Ultra review: Compact, easy-to-use, andWestern Digital (WD) My Passport Ultra Review - YouTube
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