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pip install youtube-dl-cli. Copy PIP instructions. Latest version. Released: May 11, 2020. A tool that can download the video from youtube and easier to use. Project description. Project details youtube-dl can be installed on most Linux distributions using the built-in package manager (apt, yum, etc). # apt based distros Ubuntu, Debian, etc sudo apt install youtube-dl # yum based distros Redhat, Centos, Fedora sudo yum install youtube-dl Steps to Install youtube-dl on Mac OS $ python3 --version $ sudo apt install python3-pip $ pip3 --version $ sudo pip3 install youtube-dl $ sudo pip3 install youtube-dl --upgrade After the YouTube-DL is installed successfully on Linux, you may now update the YouTube-DL through the pip commands. $ sudo youtube-dl -U $ sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade youtube-dl Installation mit pip Eine Alternative zur Installation aus den offiziellen Paketquellen ist die Installation via pip. Mit pip lässt sich auch einfach eine Aktualisierung durchführen, wenn Google bzw. die Betreiber von anderen durch youtube-dl unterstützte Internet-Portalen ggf youtube-dl is a command-line program to download videos from YouTube.com and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter, version 2.6, 2.7, or 3.2+, and it is not platform specific. It should work on your Unix box, on Windows or on macOS

$ sudo -H pip install --upgrade youtube-dl Install Youtube-dl using package manager Youtube-dl is also available in the official repositories of some Linux distributions. For example, you can install it in Arch Linux using command Using pip is a way to install youtube-dl, as reported on the official youtube-dl website, and the --upgrade option makes sure you end up with the latest available version installed. To find out where youtube-dl has been installed, you can use the pip3 show youtube-dl command (see here and here) Systemvoraussetzungen YouTube-DL ist für Windows, Linux und macOS als Download erhältlich, wobei unter Windows zuvor das Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installiert werden.. Using Wheel: download the Wheel of the python package and use the pip command pip install wheel_package_name.whl to install the package. Share Improve this answe You have to install the youtube_dl : if you have the pip utility (to install it, sudo apt-get install python-pip ) you can to sudo pip install youtube-dl - JulienFr Mar 3 '14 at 12:3

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  1. al] [ipad/iphone] Short_Video. Hopefully, you will find this as useful and helpful as I have. I wanted to condense a quick tutorial on how to quickly download videos with python to increase my video editing workflow. The use cases are endless for editors on why we need to download media. I really made this because I was sick of using slow youtube downloader site.
  2. youtube-dl is a Python based small command-line tool that allows to download videos from YouTube.com, Dailymotion, Google Video, Photobucket, Facebook, Yahoo, Metacafe, Depositfiles and few more similar sites. It written in pygtk and requires Python interpreter to run this program, it's not platform restricted. It should run on any Unix, Windows or in Mac OS X based systems
  3. In this video we cover how to download and install youtube-dl for Windows 10.===Links===YouTube-dl: https://ytdl-org.github.io/youtube-dl/download.htmlFFmpeg..

pkg install ffmpeg Install youtube-dl on Termux. Open the termux APP; Install youtube-dl via cURL; curl -L https://yt-dl.org/downloads/latest/youtube-dl -o /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/youtube-dl Give Permission to Execute the Script; chmod a+rx /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/youtube-dl Verify your Installation; which youtube-dl How to install pip on Windows (The easy way) - YouTube. Learn how to install the python package manager pip on windows. Download pip installer from here: https://raw.github.com/pypa/pip/master.

As everybody already knows our dev repository has been reinstated not so long ago. You can read the full story here. We would like to thank GitHub for standing up for youtube-dl and making it possible to continue development without dropping any features. We appreciate GitHub taking potential legal risks in this regard. We would also like to thank EFF and personally Mitch Stoltz for invaluable. py -3 -m pip install youtube-dl To run youtube-dl you'll write something like py -3 -m youtube_dl url_or_video_id (notice the underscore instead of dash since dashes are not supported in module names in python) To install this package with conda run one of the following: conda install -c conda-forge youtube-dl. conda install -c conda-forge/label/gcc7 youtube-dl. conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 youtube-dl. conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf202003 youtube-dl

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Install YouTube-dl Youtube-dl is available from a lot of distributions' repositories, but it tends to lag somewhat behind the upstream releases. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, but YouTube changes, and those changes can break youtube-dl. It's best to stay current. You can do that by using Pip to manage youtube-dl as a Python package instead of a distribution one. Looking for Linux. pip install youtube-dl Geilstes Musiknetzwerk, wo es gibt. Und falls der Künstler Geld haben will: Patreon, Paypal, Bitcoin oder IBAN. Global! Bewerten-+.

运行cmd,输入命令pip install youtube-dl,等待自动下载安装成功即可。 2.安装FFmpeg YouTube 1080P及以上清晰度视频,视频轨、音频轨及字幕是分离的,下载到本地由播放器直接进行混流播放 Wer die neueste Version installieren möchte, kann das Programm über den Python-Paketmanager pip installieren, wobei zwingend pip aus Python 2.7 notwendig ist. Diese Installation erfolgt in mehreren Schritten: Installation des Paketes python-wxgtk3. aus den offiziellen Paketquellen¶ python-wxgtk3. (universe) Paketliste zum Kopieren: sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk3. . Oder mit apturl. apt install python-pip pkgconf libgtk-3-dev libpulse-dev python3-all-dev pip3 install --user pathlib2 python-config wxPython /usr/bin/pip install --user twodict youtube-dlg Achtung: Leider kann sich die Installation hinziehen, speziell bei wxPython! Die letzte Zeile der Ausgabe im Terminal sollte abschließend lauten 安装 Youtube-dl Youtube-dl 通过 PyPi 分发,如果你的系统安装有 pip3 或 pip ,请直接使用: sudo pip install - -upgrade youtube_dl # 或pip youtube-dl-gui Download your favorite videos Supported Sites Download Windows Installer Other Platforms. Description. A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython. Screenshots Downloads . Source (zip) Source (tar) Windows installer; Windows portable; Arch; Ubuntu; Slackware; openSUSE; PyPi; Requirements. Python 2.7.3+ wxPython 3; TwoDict; GNU gettext (build.

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sudo pip install --upgrade pip sudo pip install --upgrade virtualenv Now you can install youtube-dl with pip using this command: sudo pip install youtube_dl Then upgrade with Pip. sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl If you try to do a video download (Master of the House song from Le Miserable) from youtube, you'll get a bunch of errors. Install pip 20.3 with python-m pip install--upgrade pip. Validate your current environment by running pip check. This will report if you have any inconsistencies in your set of installed packages. Having a clean installation will make it much less likely that you will hit issues with the new resolver (and may address hidden problems in your current environment!). If you run pip check and run. If running avconv.exefrom the command line doesn't work, there's nothing that youtube-dl can do. You should ask support to the avconv developers. You should ask support to the avconv developers. jaimeMF closed this Oct 13, 201 youtube-dl は、YouTube.com やその他のサイトから動画をダウンロードするための コマンドライン プログラムです。. Pythonインタプリタ、バージョン 2.6、 2.7、 3.2+ が必要で、プラットフォームに依存しません。. UnixでもWindowsでもmacOSでも動作します。. パブリックドメインに置かれているので、変更したり、再配布したり、好きなように使うことができます。

Alternatively you can use pip to install it, run pip install -e . and then you'll be able to run youtube-dl-server (you won't need to rerun the pip command if you do some changes). App Engine ¶ You can setup an app in the Google App Engine by changing the application key in app.yaml to your application name $ sudo youtube-dl -U. If you installed it using pip, do: $ sudo pip install -U youtube-dl. Those who installed Youtube-dl using the distribution's package manager, just use the appropriate update command. For example, on Arch Linux, you can update Youtube-dl by simply running the following command: $ sudo pacman -Syu. On Debian, Ubuntu: $ sudo apt update. Now, let us see some examples to learn. Zero touch, Kickstart, Monitoring, Web scraping, Headless setup & Low power devic To follow this tutorial, you obviously need youtube-dl installed on your Windows/Linux/macOS machine. In addition to that, FFMPEG also needs to be present in the system path. An alternative to FFMPEG supported by youtube-dl is avconv, which is just another fork of FFMPEG with a different set of features. In this article, we will only use FFMPEG as it is more feature completed and widely. Now you can install youtube-dl or youtube-dlg any application in your system or server which will help you to download videos from various sites. Conclusion. Now, you have learned to install youtube-dl successfully into your Debian 9 Operating system and uses of this tool. Now you are ready to download any video from youtube or youtube-dl supported sites. If you have any doubt, problem in.

youtube-dl. First I'll cover the command to install youtube-dl for Homebrew users, copy and paste this in Terminal: brew install youtube-dl. However if you don't feel like installing Homebrew the youtube-dl page has commands that can be run without. Copy & Paste the following making sure to run them separately and in order Update your version of youtube-dl to the lastest as older version might not support. pip install --upgrade youtube_dl Install 'ffmpeg' and 'ffprobe' module pip install ffmpeg pip install ffprobe If you face the same issue, then download ffmpeg builds and put all the .exe files to Script folder.

8/10 (25 Stimmen) - Download youtube-dl kostenlos. Dank youtube-dl werden wir eines der besten Programme nutzen, um Videos von YouTube u.Ä. von der Kommandozeile auf unseren PC herunterzuladen. Mit der zunehmenden Popularität von YouTube sollte sich niemand über das Erscheinen von Dutzenden, um.. brew install youtube-dl ffmpeg. Also Read: 5 ways to transfer files from mac to mac. Wrapping Up. So, this is how you use youtube-dl to download videos using your terminal. The app works exactly as advertised, yet not many people know about it. Anyway, if you wish to change your download location or download different resolution of the video, you can check out youtube-dl command line. It looks like you installed youtube-dl with a package manager, pip, setup.py or a tarball. Please use that to update Installing packages using pip and virtual environments¶. This guide discusses how to install packages using pip and a virtual environment manager: either venv for Python 3 or virtualenv for Python 2. These are the lowest-level tools for managing Python packages and are recommended if higher-level tools do not suit your needs

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I use youtube-dl for download video from youtube. This program is very straightforward and came with plenty of options. One day I got error message tha Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time I just downloaded youtube-dl via pip as follows: sukhvir@SN:~$ sudo pip install youtube-dl Downloading/unpacking youtube-dl Downloading youtube_dl-2015.06.25-py2.py3-none-any.whl (965kB): 965kB downloaded Installing collected packages: youtube-dl Successfully installed youtube-dl Cleaning up..

Then install youtube-dl with pip: sudo pip install youtube-dl. Now the installation is completed. Do Not Install it From Software Repository. If you are using Linux, then you can also install youtube-dl from your distribution's repository. For example to install it on Debian/Ubuntu systems, just issue the following command: sudo apt-get. pip is the package manager for the Python coding language.It can be installed on a Linux system and then used on the command line to download and install Python packages and their requisite dependencies.. This gives developers - as well as users who are just executing Python programs but not developing them - an easy way to download software packages written in Python installing youtube-dl via pip on @termux by guneysu 4 years ago. mkvirtualenv django pip install gunicorn pip install django # bash bootstrap.sh 0%. It looks like you installed youtube-dl with a package manager, pip, setup.py or a tarball. Please use that to update.« Wróć do listy pyta See pypug:Installing pip/setuptools/wheel with Linux Package Managers in the Python Packaging User Guide.. Here are ways to contact a few Linux package maintainers if you run into problems: Deadsnakes PPA. Debian Python Team (for general issues related to apt). Red Hat Bugzilla. pip developers do not have control over how Linux distributions handle pip installations, and are unable to provide.

Installieren pip Global auf Python 2.x, easy_install scheint die beste Lösung zu sein, als Adrián Staaten. Jedoch die Montageanleitung für pip empfehlen virtualenv da jeder virtualenv hat pip installiert es automatisch. Dies erfordert keine root-Zugriff oder ändern Sie Ihr system Python installation. Installation virtualenv erfordert noch easy_install obwohl. 2018 update: Python 3.3. PIP is a package management system used to install and manage software packages/libraries written in Python. These files are stored in a large on-line repository termed as Python Package Index (PyPI). After you have successfully installed Python, you would clearly need pip in order to install packages, such as Numpy, Django and lots more on your operating system

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Now, let's suppose that you already installed the pandas package using the PIP install method, but now you decided that you no longer need that package. So how would you remove the package? In the next section, I'll show you the steps in Windows to remove a package from Python. Steps to use PIP to Uninstall a Package in Python (1) First, type Command Prompt in the Windows Search Box: (2. Pip is a tool for installing Python packages. With pip, you can search, download, and install packages from Python Package Index (PyPI) and other package indexes. This guide explains how to install pip for Python 3 and Python 2 on Ubuntu 20.04. We will also walk you through the basics of installing and otherwise managing Python packages with pip

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  1. $ pip install youtube_dl>=2017.12.14. To install a version in the specific range, for instance greater than or equal to one version and less than another, run: $ pip install youtube_dl>=2017.12.14, <2017.12.20. To install a version that's compatible with a certain version: $ pip install youtube_dl~=2017.12.14 Download packages. To download a package with all dependencies (without.
  2. If you want to know the version of each installed modules, you can use pip program. 2. Using pip to find Python list installed modules and their Versions: To find the list of Python packages installed on the system, you can use pip program. Those who don't know about pip, it is the best program which is used to install and to manage other Python packages on your system. For more.
  3. Method 2: Install Opencv using pip on the whl file. The other method to install OpenCV in your system is using the .whl file. The whl file is a package saved in the wheel format that is used for package distribution in python. But before installing using this method make sure you have already installed numpy. Go to the repository website and search for the OpenCV package. There you will.
  4. Installing Packages¶. This section covers the basics of how to install Python packages.. It's important to note that the term package in this context is being used to describe a bundle of software to be installed (i.e. as a synonym for a distribution).It does not to refer to the kind of package that you import in your Python source code (i.e. a container of modules)

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pip install opencv-python==3.4.3.* TensorFlow (inkl. Keras): Öffnen Sie eine Konsole (Anaconda Prompt unter Windows) Führen Sie folgenden Befehl aus: pip install tensorflow-cpu>=2..0 (Keras wird als Teil von TensorFlow mit installiert) zusätzliche Schritte für Windows: Damit Sie TensorFlow unter Windows verwenden können, müssen Sie zusätzlich die Microsoft Visual C++. Enable snaps on Ubuntu and install youtube-dl. Snaps are applications packaged with all their dependencies to run on all popular Linux distributions from a single build. They update automatically and roll back gracefully. Snaps are discoverable and installable from the Snap Store, an app store with an audience of millions. Enable snapd. If you're running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) or.

Installing it varies from system to system. Consult pip's installation instructions. Installing on Linux works best with a Linux Package Manager. pipx works on macOS, linux, and Windows. Install pipx. On macOS: brew install pipx pipx ensurepath Otherwise, install via pip (requires pip 19.0 or later) YouTube DL GUI 2.252 Englisch: Mit dem kleinen Tool YouTube DL GUI laden Sie YouTube-Videos herunter und konvertieren sie

Because I installed pipx using pip install --user, the pipx executable was in C:\Users\my_username\AppData\Roaming\Python\Python38\Scripts; pipx-installed executables are in C:\Users\my_username\.local\bin; Searching the Start Menu for Environment will get you to a place where you can check and edit the user's PATH variable. Installation on Linux Your package manager (such as apt or dnf) may. Pip is one of the best tools to install and manage Python packages. Pip has earned its fame by the number of applications using this tool. Used for its capabilities in handling binary packages over the easily installed package manager, Pip enables 3rd party package installations. Though the newest versions of Python come with pip installed as a. anaconda / packages / pip 21.0.1. 13 PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages. Conda Files; Labels; Badges; conda install -c anaconda pip Description. By data scientists, for data scientists. ANACONDA. About Us Anaconda Nucleus Download Anaconda. ANACONDA.ORG. About Gallery Documentation Support. COMMUNIT

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pip install -U youtube-dl. Recommended Tutorials: BBcode, Forum Rules and Instructions, How to ask smart questions, the Basics, Classes, Python Gotchas. Find. Reply. snippsat. Posts: 5,226. Threads: 107. Joined: Sep 2016. Reputation: 432 #3. Jun-29-2018, 03:59 PM . Python 3.7 Installasjon work the same 3.6. But the Add Python 3.7 to Path did not overwrite the 3.6 Path,so i had to change Path. Go back to Installing Python3 if you encounter the following; If python is not installed, the command will not launch a shell. It will instead report 'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. If python2 is installed instead of python3 you might see instead Python 2.7.15 (v2.7.15:ca079a3ea3, Apr 30 2018, 16:30:26) [MSC v.1500 64 bit. I try to install youtube-dl on BOSS Linux by following commands. $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl $ sudo pip install youtu.. This post explains how to install youtube-dl in Ubuntu. youtube-dl is a commandline tool for downloading videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Hotstar Once the process is done, you can verify that youtube-dl is now installed by running the following command : youtube-dl --v. Code language: Bash (bash) 2. Set python command to point to built-in Python 3. Since Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the developers dropped support for Python 2 and go all in with Python 3. Therefore, the python shorthand command is not set. Programs which use the built-in Python 2.

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sudo pip install youtube-dl Ein Video speichern. Suchen Sie die URL des YouTube-Videos, das Sie speichern möchten . Verwenden Sie dann diesen Befehl: Herstellen der Verbindung mit dem Internet über die Befehlszeile Unter Linux. Unter Linux verbindet sich die Desktopumgebung automatisch mit dem Internet. Es kann eine Verbindung zu WiFi oder Ethernet-Netzwerk herstellen. Das ist großartig. A Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and practice/competitive programming/company interview Questions pip install youtube-dl -U . Zourykou XDA Member. Jun 21, 2012 43 10 38. Mar 10, 2020 at 6:32 PM #4 This supported for facebook too.. To download facebook video, go to your facebook app and go to any video, click Share > More > Termux 1. Click Share. 2. Click More. 3. Select Termux. Downloaded video is also located in Youtube folder.. Reactions: dhampire. G. GATTYDELY Member. Dec 14, 2017 32 5. If you have used pip, a simple sudo pip install -U youtube-dl is sufficient to update. If you have installed youtube-dl using a package manager like apt-get or yum, use the standard system update mechanism to update. Note that distribution packages are often outdated. As a rule of thumb, youtube-dl releases at least once a month, and often weekly or even daily. Simply go to https://yt-dl.org.

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  1. Install python on android; Install youtube-dl; Download a video using youtube-dl; Install Python. Install QPython from google app store to use python in android. Install youtube-dl . Goto QPython Dashboard. Slide left from home screen to go dashboard. Click Libraries and pip console In the console pip install -U youtube-dl. To validate the youtube downloader in android youtube-dl--version.
  2. Install youtube-dl in termux. Thread starter Zourykou XDA; Start date Mar 3, 2020; Tags android bash android dynamically-linked download video termux youtube-dl; Forums. General Development. Android Development and Hacking. Miscellaneous Android Development ••• Breadcrumb; Forums. General Development. Android Development and Hacking. Miscellaneous Android Development. Prev. 1; 2; First.
  3. $ sudo youtube-dl -U. If you installed it using pip, do: $ sudo pip install -U youtube-dl. Those who installed Youtube-dl using the distribution's package manager, just use the appropriate update command. For example, on Arch Linux, you can update Youtube-dl by simply running the following command: $ sudo pacman -Syu. On Debian, Ubuntu: $ sudo apt update. Now, let us see some examples to learn.

sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl. or pip3. sudo pip3 install --upgrade youtube_dl. For this purpose pip or pip3 must be installed on the computer. The packages are called python3-pip or python-pip for Python 2.x. What is currently missing (because of the GitHub issue) is the list of supported websites / streaming portals. I use the software on several platforms from time to time. Posted on November 17, 2020 Author Proxies123 Tags batch, Download, subtitles, youtubedl download - `youtube-dl: ERROR: No video formats found` on certain videos This question was migrated from Super User because it can be answered on Web Applications Stack Exchange For any Linux distribution: Since youtube-dl is usually updated in the repositories (at least on Debian / Ubuntu), let's install it from PyPi. We'll also need to install ueberzu in the same way: python3 -m pip install --user youtube-dl ueberzug. It's probably a good idea to remove the youtube-dl package if you've installed it from the repositories The following are 30 code examples for showing how to use youtube_dl.YoutubeDL().These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example

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更新 youtube-dl. pip install --upgrade youtube-dl. 关于 windows 的安装,说实话我也不是特别的清楚,因为我的电脑有完整的 python 环境,已经安装了 ffmpeg 。如果卸载掉在装的话太麻烦了。所以就没有实验 youtube-dl 在 Windows 下实验 是否依赖 python 或 ffmpeg。需要安装的朋友可以前往 youtube-dl 的官网进行下载. apt-get -y install python-pip pip install --upgrade youtube_dl Installs xclip, so downloadyoutube is able to read the contents of the clipboard Code: Select all echo 'installing xclip tool to grab selection that downloadyoutube uses' apt-get -y install xclip Writes script called downloadyoutube to /usr/local/bin Script will:-set default interpreter to bash-show some messages to user-read.

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sudo zypper install youtube-dl Other Linux Distributions. Like mentioned before, this program is the goto command-line tool when interacting with online videos. As a result, users will have an easy time installing it, as it's usually available. If, for some reason the Linux distribution you use has decided not to make this program available, here's how you can still install it. It starts. You can check their docs on git for usage ( basic usage is youtube-dl [options] [ URL of youtube video ] ) 5. You can even click on share button on youtube app and click on Termux for direct doing without writing command (in 2nd screenshot), the output is in 3rd screenshot 前書き この記事の内容 1.インストール 2.cmdからダウンロード(mp4の動画) 3.cmdからダウンロード(mp3の音声) 4.Pythonスクリプトでダウンロード(動画) 4.Pythonスクリプトでダウンロード(音声) 追記(問題と解決策) 参考文献 前書き 前回、PyTubeを使ってYouTube動画をダ YOUTUBE-DL简介. youtube -dl其实是一个Python插件,也就是爬虫。 可以读取页面的视频,进而下载。其下载速度,和视频加载速度相近,但是支持下载的视频多,如:YouTube、优酷、Bilibili Its called `youtube-dl`, you may have heard it and use it. But today I am gonna tell you some hidden secrets of Get started. Open in app. Sachith Muhandiram. 20 Followers. About. Follow. Sign in. Get started. Follow. 20 Followers. About. Get started. Open in app. youtube-dl cheatsheet. Sachith Muhandiram. Feb 29, 2020 · 4 min read. youtube-dl. Today lets talk about a command-line tool that.

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pip install --upgrade youtube-dl 등으로 youtube-dl 설치 후에, 다음 코드 사용하면 간단하게 받을 수 있다. 옵션 목록은 다음 링크 참고 본문에 언급한 방법 대신 pip를 써서 받았다면 업데이트는 매우 빨리 올라온다. user@ubuntu-korea ~ $ sudo pip install --upgrade youtube-dl; 참고 [ 편집 apt install python-pip pip install youtube-dl. 安装ffmpeg,合并视频和音频需要。 apt install ffmpeg. 查看视频和音频列表ID: youtube-dl -F uvqxqyTbIcY. 下载指定视频和音频,有安装ffmpeg则下载完成后自动合并。 youtube-dl -f 137+140 uvqxqyTbIcY. 指定清晰度自动下载,优先选择视频格式为mp4,分辨率1080p以上,且音频为最佳. sudo port install youtube-dl How to use youtube-dl on Windows PC? Download the youtube-dl.exe file on to your Windows computer. Then hold down the shift key and right-click in the blank area of the folder where youtube-dl.exe is saved, and select Open Powershell Window Here from the context menu.Type cmd in the Powershell window and press Enter pip search youtube_dl pip install youtube_dl パッケージ名はアンダーバーになっているので注意です. バージョン情報を確認して,インストールできたか確認. youtube-dl --version > 2017.02.04.1 よく使いそうなオプションなど. よく使いそうなオプションメモ. 種類がかなり.

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